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3/22/2020 [[Image:Huang03222020.mp3|Huang03222020.mp3]] 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 如今常存的 Now These Remain<br>
3/1/2020 [[Image:CharlieTang03012020.mp3|CharlieTang03012020.mp3]] 唐牧師 (Brother Charlie): Grace 恩賜<br>
3/1/2020 [[Image:CharlieTang03012020.mp3|CharlieTang03012020.mp3]] 唐牧師 (Brother Charlie): Grace 恩賜<br>
2/23/2020 [[Image:Huang02232020.mp3|Huang02232020.mp3]] 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 連於元首基督的教會 The Church to Become the Body of the Head Christ<br>
2/23/2020 [[Image:Huang02232020.mp3|Huang02232020.mp3]] 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 連於元首基督的教會 The Church to Become the Body of the Head Christ<br>

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3/22/2020 File:Huang03222020.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 如今常存的 Now These Remain
3/1/2020 File:CharlieTang03012020.mp3 唐牧師 (Brother Charlie): Grace 恩賜
2/23/2020 File:Huang02232020.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 連於元首基督的教會 The Church to Become the Body of the Head Christ
2/16/2020 File:Guo02162020.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 效法基督的活潑禱告Imitating Christ's Vibrant Prayer
2/9/2020 File:Huang02092020.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 得勝的信心勇士:基甸 A Warrior of Victorious Faith: Gideon
2/2/2020 File:Solomon02022020.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): Transformed by GOD 被神改變
1/26/2020 File:Huang01262020.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 再思天賜之福 Rethinking God's Blessing
1/19/2020 File:Cui01192020.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 你们要什么? What Do You Want?
1/12/2020 File:Huang01122020.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 主給撒狄教會的一封信 A Letter from the LORD to the Church in Sardis
1/5/2020 File:Solomon01052020.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): Spending Time Wisely 智慧地使用时间
11/24/2019 File:Huang11242019.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 神的應許與人生的勇氣 God's Promise and Courage for Life
11/17/2019 File:Cui11172019.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 在你的光中 In Your Light
11/10/2019 File:Huang11102019.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 無與倫比的基督
11/3/2019 File:CharlieTang11032019.mp3 唐牧師 (Pastor Charlie): A Model of Godly Behavior 敬虔行為的楷模
10/27/2019 File:Qian10272019.mp3 錢斌牧師 (Pastor Bin Qian): 從局限到祝福
10/20/2019 File:MarkChao10202019.mp3 趙文達弟兄 (Brother Mark Chao)  :饒恕的祝福
10/13/2019 File:Huang10132019.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 返璞歸真
10/6/2019 File:Wong10062019.mp3 王小谷牧師 (Pastor Mike Wong): 我們必定事奉耶和華 We Will Serve the LORD
9/29/2019 File:Guo09292019.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 在工作中經歷神Experiencing God in Work
9/22/2019 File:Huang09222019.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 神隱藏的美意
9/15/2019 File:Cui09152019.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 主啊,有了你我還要什麼?
9/8/2019 File:Huang09082019.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 『宗教』抑或『生命』?
9/1/2019 File:Solomon09012019.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): Living the Extraordinary Life 過卓越的生活
8/25/2019 File:Huang08252019.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 誰能『叫你起來行走』?
8/18/2019 File:MarkChao08182019.mp3 趙文達弟兄 (Brother Mark Chao)  :耶和華是我的牧者
8/11/2019 File:Huang08112019.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 從詩篇學習禱告(二)
8/4/2019 File:CharlieTang08042019.mp3 唐弟兄 (Brother Charlie Tang) : 成長的過程 The Growth Process
7/28/2019 File:Huang07282019.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 從詩篇學習禱告
7/21/2019 File:Chyou07212019.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou)  : 我們如何與神取得聯繫? How Can We Keep Contact with God?
7/14/2019 File:JohnPeng07142019.mp3 彭牧師 (Pastor John Peng) 奇兵突出
7/7/2019 File:RobertTam07072019.mp3 譚牧師 (Pastor Robert Tam) There is Purpose in Your Pain
6/30/2019 File:JeffWang06302019.mp3 王志峰弟兄 (Brother Jeff Wang) : 禱告的奧妙
6/16/2019 File:Huang06162019.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 一個屬靈父親的禱告
6/9/2019 File:Huang06092019.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 常常禱告
6/2/2019 File:Solomon06022019.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): Faith 信
5/19/2019 File:MarkChao05192019.mp3 趙文達弟兄 (Brother Mark Chao)  :靠主勝過害怕
5/12/2019 File:Huang05122019.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 基督徒母親的呼召 The Calling of a Christian Mother
5/5/2019 File:Solomon05052019.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): The Life God Intended
4/28/2019 File:Cui04282019.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 求你為我造清潔的心
4/21/2019 File:Chyou04212019.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou)  : 耶穌復活了 Jesus is Risen
4/14/2019 File:Guo04142019.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 經歷神
4/7/2019 File:Andrews04072019.mp3 安迪克弟兄 (Brother Dick Andrews) : Flourishing Christians 蓬勃發展的基督徒
3/31/2019 File:MarkChao03312019.mp3 趙文達弟兄 (Brother Mark Chao)  :"管住舌頭"的智慧
3/24/2019 File:Junyin03242019.mp3 殷峻弟兄 (Brother Jun Yin)  : 跟從基督 Follow Jesus
3/17/2019 File:Chyou03172019.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou)  : 哈拿的禱告 Hannah's Prayer
3/10/2019 File:Huang03102019.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 使人得造就的敬拜
3/3/2019 File:Andrews03032019.mp3 安迪克弟兄 (Brother Dick Andrews) : Words Matter 話語極爲重要
2/24/2019 File:Zhongwei02242019.mp3 祝中伟弟兄 (Brother Zhongwei Zhu) :從枯乾到醫治
2/17/2019 File:Huang02172019.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 討神喜悅的敬拜:獻上活祭
2/3/2019 File:Solomon02032019.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): A Person After God's Own Heart 合神心意的人
1/27/2019 File:Huang01272019.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 以神为中心的敬拜
1/20/2019 File:Cui01202019.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 生命喜樂之源
12/30/2018 File:JeffWang12302018.mp3 王志峰弟兄 (Brother Jeff Wang) : 岁首年终的祝福
12/2/2018 File:RobertTam12022018.mp3 Pastor Robert Tam: Following Christ Downward
11/11/2018 File:Huang11112018.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 恩典何奇妙
11/4/2018 File:Solomon11042018.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): God's Confidence 神的信心
10/28/2018 File:Huang10282018.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 喜獲重生
10/21/2018 File:MarkChao10212018.mp3 趙文達弟兄 (Brother Mark Chao)  :信真理得自由
10/14/2018 File:Huang10142018.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 跟隨耶穌的腳蹤
10/7/2018 File:Solomon10072018.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): Jehovah Nissi 耶和華是我旌旗
9/30/2018 File:MarkChao09302018.mp3 趙文達弟兄 (Brother Mark Chao)  :多走一里路
9/16/2018 File:Zhongwei09162018.mp3 祝中伟弟兄 (Brother Zhongwei Zhu) :教會的主營業務是什麼?
9/9/2018 File:Huang09092018.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 主裏同工的喜樂(更美的教會生活之四)
8/19/2018 File:Chyou08192018.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou)  : 耶稣是我们的好牧人 Jesus is Our Good Shepherd
8/5/2018 File:Solomon08052018.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): The Tabernacle
7/15/2018 File:Cui07152018.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 奇妙的救恩
7/8/2018 File:Huang07082018.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 更美的教会生活:讓高墙倒下来
7/1/2018 File:Shiv07012018.mp3 Pastor Shiv: Build on Christ
6/24/2018 File:Huang06242018.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 人当走的路:信心之路
6/17/2018 File:Guo06172018.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 属灵的方向和目标
6/3/2018 File:Andrews06032018.mp3 安迪克弟兄 (Brother Dick Andrews) : Babies & Beyond 婴儿与超越
5/27/2018 File:Huang05272018.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 与主儆醒片刻
5/20/2018 File:Wong05202018.mp3 王小谷牧師 (Pastor Mike Wong): 为何好人也遭不幸的事?Why Bad Things Happen to Good People?
5/13/2018 File:Huang05132018.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 委身我的家,委身神的家
4/29/2018 File:Shang20180429.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou)  : 你愿意读圣经吗? Are you willing to read the Bible?
4/15/2018 File:Huang04152018.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 向巴拿巴学习
4/8/2018 File:Cui04082018.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 为什么在死人中找活人呢?
4/1/2018 File:Solomon04012018.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): Resurrection Living
3/25/2018 File:Huang03252018.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 主所告诉我们的四件事
3/18/2018 File:Huang03182018.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 罗马书1:8-15 建造福音见证的社群
3/11/2018 File:PeterSu03112018.mp3 Peter Su 弟兄 (Brother Su)旷野的历程
3/4/2018 File:Solomon03042018.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): Red Sea Moments
2/25/2018 File:JeffWang02252018.mp3 王志峰弟兄 (Brother Jeff Wang) : 谦卑 Be Humble
2/18/2018 File:Cui02182018.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 逾越节的启示
2/11/2018 File:Chyou02112018.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 活在世上仰望天家 Living in the World, Looking Forward to Heaven
2/4/2018 File:Andrews02042018.mp3 安迪克弟兄 (Brother Dick Andrews) : Is My Work God's Work?
1/28/2018 File:Cui01282018.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 摩西早年逃亡的启示
01/21/2018 File:Yung01212018.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) 我们日用的饮食,今日赐给我们 Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
1/14/2018 File:Chyou01142018.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 唯独基督Christ Only
1/7/2018 File:Solomon01072018.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 新年的祷告 New Year's Pray
12/31/2017 File:Guo12312017.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 成長 Growth
12/24/2017 File:Yung12242017.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) 因为客店里没有地方
12/17/2017 File:Guo12172017.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 沟通的艺术 The Art of Communication
12/10/2017 File:Cui12102017.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 有一种敬虔叫成熟
12/3/2017 File:Solomon12032017.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 徒劳 Labor In Vain
11/26/2017 File:Wong11262017.mp3 王小谷牧師 (Pastor Mike Wong): Progression or Regression
11/19/2017 File:JacobZhang11192017.mp3 张开瑞牧師 (Pastor Zhang) 约拿--逃避上帝的先知
11/12/2017 File:Cui11122017.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 敬虔人必這樣蒙福
11/5/2017 File:Andrews11052017.mp3 安迪克弟兄 (Brother Dick Andrews) : 敬虔的提醒! Godly Reminders!
10/29/2017 File:PeterSu10292017.mp3 Peter Su 弟兄 (Brother Su)從挣扎到成長
10/22/2017 File:Cui10222017.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 看啊!我将一切都更新了
10/15/2017 File:Chyou10152017.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 唯独圣经The Bible Alone
10/8/2017 File:Zhaoweidu10082017.mp3 杜兆伟弟兄 (Brother Zhaowei Du) : 有话好好说
10/1/2017 File:Solomon10012017.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 神啊,要到几时呢 How LOng, O Lord
9/24/2017 File:JacobZhang09242017.mp3 张开瑞牧師 (Pastor Zhang) 大卫--面对巨人
9/17/2017 File:JeffWang09172017.mp3 王志峰弟兄 (Brother Jeff Wang) : 顺服的功课
9/10/2017 File:Guo09102017.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 此话当真?
9/3/2017 File:Chyou09032017.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 唯独恩典By Grace Alone
8/27/2017 File:Yung08272017.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) 愿你的旨意行在地上,如同行在天上
8/20/2017 File:Wang08202017.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 拣选,道路,使命/列王记下2:1-12
8/13/2017 File:Guo08132017.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 神同在的经历和体验
8/6/2017 File:Zhongwei08062017.mp3 祝中伟弟兄 (Brother Zhongwei Zhu) :教会要注重什么?
7/30/2017 File:Cui07302017.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 活在神的計劃中
7/16/2017 File:Chyou07162017.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 如何克服忧愁烦躁?
7/2/2017 File:Cui07022017.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 成熟生命的启示
6/25/2017 File:Huang06252017.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 腓立比书4:1-7 祷告出来的喜乐
6/18/2017 File:Huang06182017.mp3 黄文耀牧師 (Pastor Huang) 罗马书1:1-7 神伟大救赎的总纲
6/11/2017 File:JacobZhang06112017.mp3 张开瑞牧師 (Pastor Zhang) 路得--投靠上帝翅膀下的女子
6/4/2017 File:Andrews06042017.mp3 安迪克弟兄 (Brother Dick Andrews) : 神与我们同在 God is with us
5/14/2017 File:Chyou05142017.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 母亲节的礼物 The Best Gift for Mother's Day
5/7/2017 File:Solomon05072017.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 钓鱼去了 Gone Fishing
4/30/2017 File:JeffWang04302017.mp3 王志峰弟兄 (Brother Jeff Wang) : 耶路撒冷 Jerusalem
4/23/2017 File:Yung04232017.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) 愿你的國降临 Thy Kingdom Come
4/16/2017 File:Chyou04162017.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 复活节的希望 The Hope of Easter
4/2/2017 File:LaPoint04022017.mp3 Brother Vince LaPoint : Can You Believe the Bible?(Part 2)
3/26/2017 File:Guo03262017.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 合一与平安
3/19/2017 File:Chyou03192017.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 怎样用圣经来建造你的生命 Building Your Life with the Bible
3/12/2017 File:JacobZhang03122017.mp3 张开瑞牧師 (Pastor Zhang) 属灵的胃口
3/5/2017 File:LaPoint03052017.mp3 Brother Vince LaPoint : Can You Believe the Bible?
2/26/2017 File:Zhongwei02262017.mp3 祝中伟弟兄 (Brother Zhongwei Zhu) :什么是真正的基督徒朋友?   What Should a Christian Friend be?
2/19/2017 File:JacobZhang02192017.mp3 张开瑞牧師 (Pastor Zhang) 苦难的奥秘
2/12/2017 File:JeffWang02122017.mp3 王志峰弟兄 (Brother Jeff Wang) : 戴德生的故事
2/5/2017 File:Andrews02052017.mp3 安迪克弟兄 (Brother Dick Andrews) : 什么是不可缺少? What is necessary?
1/29/2017 File:Chyou01292017.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 新年的展望
1/22/2017 File:JacobZhang01222017.mp3 张开瑞牧師 (Pastor Zhang) 乃缦的故事
1/15/2017 File:Chyou01152017.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 磐石与活水 The Rock and Living Water
1/8/2017 File:Guo01082017.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 跌倒与重建 Fall and Restore
1/1/2017 File:Solomon01012017.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 一件事情 One Thing
12/25/2016 File:Chyou12252016.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 你心有空处给耶稣吗?
12/18/2016 File:Guo12182016.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 得胜的生命
12/11/2016 File:JacobZhang12112016.mp3 张开瑞牧師 (Pastor Zhang) 圣诞节的女人们
11/27/2016 File:Guo11272016.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 属灵的祝福
11/20/2016 File:JacobZhang11202016.mp3 张开瑞牧師 (Pastor Zhang) 基督徒如何看待神迹
11/13/2016 File:Chyou11132016.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 失落的约柜 The Lost Ark
11/6/2016 File:PastorMark11062016.mp3 Pastor Mark 真实的信仰 Authentic Faith
10/30/2016 File:JacobZhang10302016.mp3 张开瑞牧師 (Pastor Zhang) 上帝的选择 How God Chooses
10/23/2016 File:Yung10232016.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) 愿人都尊你的名为圣 Hallowed be Thy Name
10/16/2016 File:Chyou10162016.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 得荣耀 Glorification
10/9/2016 File:Cui10092016.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 使命与祝福
10/2/2016 File:Wong10022016.mp3 王小谷牧師 (Pastor Mike Wong): You Can Do More Than Pray 你可以做的比祷告多
9/25/2016 File:JacobZhang09252016.mp3 张开瑞牧師 (Pastor Zhang) 地狱和天堂 Hell and Heaven
9/18/2016 File:Zhongwei09182016.mp3 祝中伟弟兄 (Brother Zhongwei Zhu) :得益处的人   In all things God works for the good of those who love him
9/11/2016 File:Guo09112016.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 什么才是福? What is Blessing?
9/4/2016 File:Solomon09042016.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 教会是群体 Church as Community
8/28/2016 File:Yung08282016.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) : 我们在天上的父 Our Father which art in Heaven
8/21/2016 File:Chyou08212016.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 成为圣洁 Santification
8/14/2016 File:Guo08142016.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 如何与神建立关系?
7/31/2016 File:Cui07312016.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 生命中的至宝
7/24/2016 File:Chyou07242016.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 因信称义
7/17/2016 File:JacobZhang07172016.mp3 张开瑞牧師 (Pastor Zhang) 人的迷失和上帝的寻找 The lostness of men and the searching of God
7/3/2016 File:Wong07032016.mp3 王小谷牧師 (Pastor Mike Wong): Double-Minded 心怀二意
6/26/2016 File:JacobZhang06262016.mp3 张开瑞牧師 (Pastor Zhang) 如何成为一名基督的门徒? How to become a Christian?
6/19/2016 File:Guo06192016.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 蒙福的团契 Blessed Fellowship
6/12/2016 File:Zhongwei06122016.mp3 祝中伟弟兄 (Brother Zhongwei Zhu) :走二里   Go with Them Two Miles
6/5/2016 File:Vivian06052016.mp3林廖文蕙姊妹 (Sister Vivian Lin) : 神的国 - The Kingdom of God
5/29/2016 File:Yung05292016.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) : 為的是记念我
5/22/2016 File:Chyou05222016.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 吃的艺术
5/15/2016 File:Cui05152016.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 牧人的见证
5/8/2016 File:Guo05082016.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 如何祷告? How to Pray?
5/1/2016 File:Halina05012016.mp3 Sister Halina: Holy Spirit Guidance
4/24/2016 File:Chyou04242016.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 成全圣徒
4/17/2016 File:Cui04172016.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 透过阴云的祝福
4/10/2016 File:Guo04102016.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 如何得安慰? How to Receive Comfort?
4/3/2016 File:Solomon04032016.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 主啊,你是谁? Who are You, Lord?
3/27/2016 File:Chyou03272016.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 神应许的三个”空“ The Three "Empties" of God's Promises
3/20/2016 File:Yung03202016.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) : 一个坑里 One of the Pits
3/13/2016 File:Cui03132016.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 植堂安提阿
3/6/2016 File:Solomon03062016.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 一个美丽的故事 A Beautiful Story
2/28/2016 File:ZhongweiZhu02282016.mp3 祝中伟弟兄 (Brother Zhongwei Zhu) : 你手里是什么? What Do You Have?
2/21/2016 File:Wang02212016.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 禧年的福音
2/7/2016 File:Halina02072016.mp3 Sister Halina: Transformation
1/31/2016 File:Yung01312016.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) : 一个最小的 One of the Least
1/24/2016 File:Cui01242016.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 第一教会的见证与祝福
1/17/2016 File:Chyou01172016.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 仰望耶稣 Fix Your Eyes on Jesus
1/10/2016 File:Guo01102016.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 属灵的习惯 Spiritual Habits
1/3/2016 File:Solomon01032016.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 我们的行进顺序 Our Marching Order
12/27/2015 File:Cui12272015.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 圣婴降临:信息与启示
12/6/2015 File:Solomon12062015.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 不配得的恩惠 God's Unmerited Favor
11/29/2015 File:Cui11292015.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 天国的恩典原则
11/22/2015 File:Guo11222015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 认领神的应许 Claim God's Promise
11/15/2015 File:Yung11152015.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) : 舍己 - 重生得救的奥秘 Deny Youself - The Secret of Being Born Again
11/8/2015 File:Guo11082015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 耶和华的掌控 God's sovereignty
11/1/2015 File:Solomon11012015.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 教会的主 Lord of the Church
10/25/2015 File:Guo10252015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 耶和华的眷顾 God's Providential Care
10/18/2015 File:Cui10182015.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 耶稣在呼召 Jesus is Calling
10/11/2015 File:Guo10112015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 每日灵粮 Daily Bread
10/4/2015 File:Solomon10042015.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 神国度的人 Kingdom People
9/20/2015 File:Yung09202015.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) : 不要成为主道的绊脚石
9/13/2015 File:Guo09132015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 正常(真)基督徒的生活
9/6/2015 File:Solomon09062015.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 分享詩篇中的珍珠 The Pearl of Psalms
8/30/2015 File:Guo08302015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 离弃小学,进入丰盛
8/16/2015 File:Cui08162015.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 过程神学:聚焦生命的改变 Process Theology : Changes of Focused Life
8/9/2015 File:Chyou08092015.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 教会成长的秘诀 The secret of Church Growth
8/2/2015 File:Yung08022015.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) : 爱的饥渴 - Starved for Love
7/26/2015 File:Guo07262015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 生命的意义 Meaning of Life
7/19/2015 File:Guo07192015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 神旨意的可知性 Know-ability of God's Will
6/21/2015 File:Wang06212015.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 你信的完全吗? Is Your Faith Complete?
6/21/2015 File:Wang06202015.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 摻雜與專一
6/14/2015 File:Guo06142015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 得胜的生活 Victorious Life
5/31/2015 File:Zhongwei05312015.mp3 祝中伟弟兄 (Brother Zhongwei Zhu) : 要敬拜神 Worship God
5/24/2015 File:Guo05242015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 信心,行为,应许(2) Faith, Deeds, and Promises(2)
5/17/2015 File:Chyou05172015.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 因信称义 Justification by Faith
5/10/2015 File:Guo05102015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 信心,行为,应许 Faith, Deeds, and Promises
4/26/2015 File:Cui04262015.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 生命共同体 Union of Life
4/19/2015 File:Guo04192015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 天国的发展 Kingdom's Growth
4/5/2015 File:Solomon04052015.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 我想认识基督耶稣 I want to know Christ
3/29/2015 File:ZhongweiZhu03292015.mp3 祝中伟弟兄 (Brother Zhongwei Zhu) : 正常的基督徒生活 The Normal Christian Life
3/22/2015 File:Guo03222015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 豐盛的生命 4 Abundant Life (4)
3/15/2015 File:Chyou03152015.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 渴慕永恒的属灵成长 Desiring Eternal Spiritual Growth
3/8/2015 File:Guo03082015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 豐盛的生命 3 Abundant Life (3)
3/1/2015 File:Vivian03012015.mp3林廖文蕙姊妹 (Sister Vivian Lin) : 简单的信心 - Simple Faith
2/22/2015 File:Guo02222015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 豐盛的生命 2 Abundant Life (2)
2/8/2015 File:Guo02082015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 豐盛的生命 1 Abundant Life (1)
1/25/2015 File:Guo01252015.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 十字架的道路 The Cross Road
1/4/2015 File:Rick01042015.mp3 Pastor Rick: Anticipating 2015 期待2015年
12/28/2014 File:Chyou12282014.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) 耶和華的眼目 The eyes of the Lord
12/14/2014 File:Guo12142014.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) 禱告 Pray
12/7/2014 File:Wong12072014.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 生兒養女的智慧 The Wisdom of Raising Children
11/30/2014 File:Shen11302014.mp3 沈伯松長老 (Elder Victor Shen) : 神在教會中設的次序和行政 The Order that God Set for the Church
11/23/2014 File:Yung11232014.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) : 那九個在哪裡? - Where are the other nine?
11/2/2014 File:Solomon11022014.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 友情中的智慧 Wisdom in Friendships
10/26/2014 File:Zhaoweidu10262014.mp3 杜兆偉弟兄 (Brother Du) Who is the most lovable person? 誰是最可愛的人?
10/12/2014 File:Guo10122014.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) Wrestling with God 與神掙扎
9/28/2014 File:Chyou09282014.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) Obedience Always Brings Blessing 遵命就比帶來祝福
9/21/2014 File:Shen09212014.mp3 沈伯松長老 (Elder Victor Shen) : 人生最智慧的抉擇 The Wisest Choice of A Life's Decision
9/14/2014 File:Guo09142014.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) Experience God 經歷神
9/7/2014 File:Solomom09072014.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 生活在智慧中 Living in Wisdom
8/17/2014 File:Guo08172014.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) Seeking God's Heart and Mind 揣摩神的心和意念
8/10/2014 File:XuZhenYi08102014.mp3 許震毅牧師 (Pastor Xu): 空間 Space
8/3/2014 File:Andrews08032014.mp3 安迪克弟兄 (Brother Dick Andrews) : 基督徒有喜樂的福音 Christians with a Joyful Gospel
7/20/2014 File:Guo07202014.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) Our (distance/close) relationship to God 我們和神的距離
7/6/2014 File:Solomon07062014.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 成为虔诚的影响 Becoming a Godly Influence
6/22/2014 File:Guo06222014.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) What's your greatest reward? 什麼是你最大的獎賞?
6/15/2014 File:Shen06152014.mp3 沈伯松長老 (Elder Victor Shen) : 父母恩情 The Love of Parents
6/8/2014 File:Cui06082014.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 人生的操練是敬虔的操練 Our Life Time Training with Faith
6/1/2014 File:Solomon06012014.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 分享我們的信心 Sharing Our Faith
5/25/2014 File:Zhaoweidu05252014.mp3 杜兆偉弟兄 (Brother Du) What do you want in your life? 你人生所追求的是什麼?
5/18/2014 File:Chyou05182014.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) In God We Trust! 依靠神!
5/11/2014 File:Yung05112014.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) : 在聖潔的愛裡遵行天父旨意 - Does God's Commands by Godly Love
4/20/2014 File:Chyou04202014.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) Did Jesus Raise From The Death? 耶穌到底復活了沒有?
4/13/2014 File:Cui04132014.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : 活石,靈宮與靈祭
4/6/2014 File:Solomon04062014.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 戰勝試探 Overcoming Temptation
3/30/2014 File:Yung03302014.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) : 人生的關鍵決擇 - A Crucial Decision of Our Lives
3/23/2014 File:Guo03232014.mp3 郭偉強弟兄 (Brother Guo) God's merciful omnipresence 耶和華的眷顧
3/16/2014 File:Soon03162014.mp3 孫玉華牧師 (Pastor Soon) : 你愛上帝嗎? Do you love God?
3/9/2014 File:Peng03092014.mp3 彭約翰牧師 (Pastor John Peng) : 有意義的禱告 Meaningful Prayer
3/2/2014 File:Solomon03022014.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 耶穌,天堂的嗎那 Jesus, Manna of Heaven
2/23/2014 File:Zhaoweidu02232014.mp3 杜兆偉弟兄 (Brother Du) Looking Up the Sky 仰望星空
2/9/2014 File:Yung02092014.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Yung) : 遵行天父的旨意 - Do The Will Of My Father Who Is In Heaven
1/19/2014 File:Andrews01192014.mp3 安迪克弟兄 (Brother Dick Andrews) : 新生命的機會 New Growth Opportunities
1/12/2014 File:Cui01122014.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : Knowing Him Truly 真認識他
1/5/2014 File:Solomon01052014.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 成為基督的門徒 Becoming a Disciple of Christ
12/22/2013 File:Chyou12222013.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) The Lord Is Come 主已降臨
12/08/2013 File:Solomon12082013.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 神所喜悅的信仰 God-Pleasing Faith
12/01/2013 File:Wong12012013.mp3 王小谷牧師 (Pastor Mike Wong): Faith 信心
11/24/2013 File:Chyou11242013.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) Forget not all God's benefits 不可忘記神的恩惠
11/17/2013 File:Cui11172013.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : Understand God's Super Power 如何面對神的大能?
11/10/2013 File:Solomon11102013.mp3 劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 風暴的主人 Lord of the Storm
10/06/2013 File:Vivian10062013.mp3林廖文蕙姊妹 (Sister Vivian Lin) : 你手中的寶貝--神的話 - Treasure in Your Hand--God's Word
09/29/2013 File:Rick09292013.mp3 Pastor Rick: I've got confidence 我有信心
9/22/2013 File:Chyou09222013.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) : 基督徒有不懼怕的自由 Christian has the freedom from fear
09/15/2013 File:Shen09152013.mp3 沈伯松長老 (Elder Victor Shen) : 成聖之路 The Way of Sanctification
9/8/2013 File:Andrews09082013.mp3 安迪克弟兄 (Brother Dick Andrews) : 誰是主角?Who is on Center Stage?
9/1/2013 File:Rong09012013.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Rong) : 一碗紅豆湯 - “永遠的悔痛” A Bowl of Lentil Soup
8/25/2013 File:Vivian08242013.mp3林廖文蕙姊妹 (Sister Vivian Lin) : 回歸真實和無畏的基督信仰 - “Returning to Authentic and Audacious Christianity”
8/18/2013 File:Su08182012.mp3 蘇宗得弟兄 (Brother Peter Su) : 蒙召成為聖潔 Called to be Holy
8/11/2013 File:Solomon08112013.mp3劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 成為一個宣教的人 Becoming a Missional Person
7/21/2013 File:Chyou07212013.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) : 十一奉獻 Tithe
7/7/2013 File:Andrews07072013.mp3 安迪克弟兄 (Brother Dick Andrews) : 好棒啊,我順服了神!Hooray! I Obeyed!
6/9/2013 File:Peng06092013.mp3 彭約翰牧師 (Pastor John Peng) : 建造教會的原則 How God Builds the Church
6/2/2013 File:Cui06022013.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : Life Changing Principle 生命改變的原理
5/26/2013 File:Chyou05262013.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) : 如何面對苦難? How to face suffering?
05/19/2013 File:Shen05192013.mp3 沈伯松長老 (Elder Victor Shen) : 長大成人 Grow into Maturty
5/12/2013 File:Solomon05122013.mp3劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 留下遺產 Leaving a Legacy
4/28/2013 File:Chyou04282013.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) : 成为圣洁 Becoming Holy
4/21/2013 File:Rong04212013.mp3 榮樹錦弟兄 (Brother Rong) : 神的家(下) God's Household(2)
4/14/2013 File:Peng04142013.mp3 彭約翰牧師 (Pastor John Peng) : 萬事都互相效力 All things work together
4/7/2013 File:Solomon04072013.mp3劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 不要愛世界 Do not love the world
3/24/2013 File:DrChen03232013.mp3 陳立成博士 (Dr. Lih Chen) : 施洗約翰的喜樂之謎 Mysterious Joy of John the Baptist
3/17/2013 File:Su03172013.mp3 蘇宗得弟兄 (Brother Peter Su) : 合一的肢體生活 Unity in the Body of Christ
3/10/2013 File:Chyou03102013.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) : 神向你我所要的是甚麼? Waht does God want to from us?
1/20/2013 File:Chyou01202013.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) : 用神的話來餵養 Fed on the words of God
12/16/2012 File:Chyou12162012.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) : 成為一個孩子 Becoming a child
12/9/2012 File:Shen12092012.mp3 沈伯松長老 (Elder Victor Shen) : Knowing Jesus Christ - the True God (1) 認識真神 - 耶穌基督 (一)
11/25/2012 File:FengBincheng11252012.mp3 馮秉誠牧師 (Pastor Feng) : Faith and Action 信心與行為
11/18/2012 File:Peng11182012.mp3 彭約翰牧師 (Pastor John Peng) : 蒙恩與感恩
9/30/2012 File:Cui09302012.mp3 崔勝洪牧師 (Pastor Cui) : Witness the value of being spiritual 見證屬天的價值
7/29/2012 File:Shen07292012.mp3 沈伯松長老 (Elder Victor Shen) : The Lord is My Blessing 神是我的福分
05/20/2012 File:TimWong2012.mp3 王紹雄牧師 (Pastor Wong) : 起來行走 Walk
05/4/2012 File:Wang05042012Revelation.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 團契查經啟示錄 最后一讲Bible Study of Revelation last session.
04/22/2012 File:Wang04222012.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 長大與成全 Grow and Build Up
04/21/2012 File:Wang04212012b.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 退休會信息2: 尼希米記7-13 Mini Retreat Message2: Nehemiah 7-13
04/15/2012 File:Wang04212012a.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 退休會信息1: 尼希米記1-6 Mini Retreat Message1: Nehemiah 1-6
04/13/2012 File:Wang04202012Revelation.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 團契查經啟示錄第六、七章 Bible Study of Revelation Chapter 6 and 7.
04/15/2012 File:Wang04152012.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 信而順服 Trust and Obey
04/13/2012 File:Wang04132012Revelation4.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 團契查經啟示錄第四、五章 Bible Study of Revelation Chapter 4 and 5.
04/01/2012 File:Wang04012012.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 讓主居首位 Let God be the Ruler
03/25/2012 File:Wang03252012.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 聽道與行道 Hear God's Word and Put It Into Practice
03/18/2012 File:Wang03182012.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 發光的燈台 Shining Lampstands
03/04/2012 File:Wang03042012.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 認定你一生的依靠 Determine who you should trust in your entire life
2/19/2012 wang02192012.mp3 汪川生牧師 (Pastor Wang) : 神的美意God's perfect will
12/18/2011 File:Chyou12182011.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) : 我是復活我是生命 I am the Resurrection and the Lfe
11/20/2011 File:Solomon11202011.mp3劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): 过一个富足的生活 Living large
11/13/2011 File:Shen11132011.mp3沈伯松長老 (Elder Victor Shen) : The Benefits of Thanksgiving 感恩的好处
8/21/2011 File:Solomon08212011.mp3劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): Break Downward Cycle 停止屬靈的衰退
07/30/2011 File:Chyou07312011.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) : Abide in the Lord 住在主裡
7/24/2011 File:Vivian07242011.mp3林廖文蕙姊妹 (Sister Vivian Lin) : “Now My Eyes Have Seen You” (Job 42:5) - 从前风闻有你,现在亲眼见你
07/17/2011File:Solomon07172011.mp3劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu): My Babylonian Garment 我的示拿衣服
06/17/2011 File:Lin06172011msg1.mp3 林三綱弟兄 : 耶和華的手
06/18/2011 File:Lin06182011msg2.mp3 林三綱弟兄 : 耶和華的建造
06/18/2011 File:Lin06182011msg3.mp3 林三綱弟兄 : 耶和華的祝福
06/18/2011 File:Lin06182011msg4.mp3 林三綱弟兄 : 耶和華的作為
06/19/2011 File:Lin06192001msg5.mp3 林三綱弟兄 : 耶和華的賞賜
06/18/2011 File:SisterLin06182011msg.mp3 林郭慕真姐妹 : 三代之間的愛教學
06/18/2011 File:IrwanNgadisastra06182011msg1.mp3 英文堂聚會 Pastor Irwan Ngadisastra : Transformation
06/12/2011 File:Chyou06122011.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) : How to Receive God's Blessings? 如何蒙受神的祝福?
06/05/2011 File:Peng06052011.mp3 彭約翰牧師 (Pastor John Peng) : The House of the LORD 耶和華的殿
05/22/2011 File:Wong05222011.mp3 王小谷牧師 (Pastor Mike Wong): Law of Christ & Law of the Harvest 基督的律法和收割的律法
05/15/2011 File:Chyou05152011.mp3 裘尚正弟兄 (Brother Chyou) : How to Triumph over Trails? 如何將試驗變為得勝?
05/01/2011 File:John05012011.mp3 彭約翰牧師 (Pastor John Peng) : The Vision of the Glorious Kingdom 榮耀國度的異象
04/17/2011 File:Solomon04172011.mp3劉貴祥牧師 (Pastor Solomon Liu) : Because of God's Grace 因為神的恩典
04/10/2011 File:Rick04102011.mp3 Pastor Rick: Are Languages and Tongues from Heaven or Hell? 語言與方言是從天堂或地獄來的?
04/03/2011 File:Vivian04032011.mp3林廖文蕙姊妹 (Sister Vivian Lin) : Pray and See that the Lord IS Good - 以禱告來體嘗主恩的滋味
03/27/2011 File:Rick03272011.mp3 Pastor Rick: Temptation, Tests, Trails and Tribulations 2 引誘, 試探, 審判及磨難 2
03/20/2011 File:JohnPeng03202011.mp3 Pastor John: End-time Disasters Readiness Checklist 末世災難預備清單
03/13/2011 File:Rick03062011.mp3 Pastor Rick: Temptation, Tests, Trails and Tribulations 引誘, 試探, 審判及磨難