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Sunday School 1st~3rd Grade Outlines

Lesson 12 Sharing the work

To apply to their own lives the Bible story of Jethro's plan to make Moses's job easier, the children will plan a way to share their work during the coming week.

Lesson 11 We can settle problems without fighting

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

Lesson 10 Be careful! Our words can hurt or help

To connect their experiences about hurtful words to the Bible store about King Solomon's advice, the children will discuss what is needed to build a person.

Lesson 9 Really love God; don't just put on an act

Through activity choices, children will examine real love and putting on an act

Lesson 8 God Forgives Us

To connect their own experience with wrongdoing and forgiveness. 

Lesson 7 The Good Shepherd

To connect their understanding of being lost. The Children share what it's like to be lost and found.