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Sunday Bulletin Process

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Original Message-----
From: John Peng
Sent: Sunday, October 10, 2010 10:56 PM
To: Eric Zhang; Eugene Zheng; Ministry Team; Jenny Peng; Fran Guo; James Jenchao Lin; Amy Chyou
Subject: On Sunday bulletin process

Dear team:

I would like to take a moment to clarify on the announcement process
that we publish every week.

A. Information sources
(1) Sermon from speakers or guest-speakers
(2) Attendance info from Mark and Jeff's caring team
(3) Offering info from Eugene?
(4) Announcements and prayers from Pastor John (who in term collects
from all teams)

B. Process flow
(1) Eugene faithfully sends our service reminder on Tue/Wed.
(2) Speaker sends sermon info to Eugene's email thread
(3) Pastor John sends the consolidated announcments/prayer requests to
this thread
(4) Bulline team compiles the info for bulletin

In considering the feedback, I will make sure that we hand to Sunday
Ministry team (Eugene and Eric) on Friday EOD for processing the
bulletin. I will also ask the bulletin team to please send me the
bulletin after it is edited for record.

Please share your insights to this email. Right now, the two critical
paths are Eugene initiating the Sunday service email thread and Pastor
John to compile the announcements - both to the timely nature and

When we ask ourselves why we do what we do? I think the key answer is
to better serve God and His church. So we love your input.