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Please email to be included in youth ministry announcements and weekly correspondence. (若您想更多了解我们的青少年事工,或收到每周有关事工的消息,请发电邮给Fran,

== 2016-17 Youth Programs==

Our theme for this year is: "Getting Closer to Jesus".

Fridays: Fridays are our small group gatherings: middle school (6th-8th grades), high school (8th - 12grades). Come join us for refreshments and a time of singing at 8pm, then we will have our small group break out sessions at 8:30 pm. We will study the Gospel of John and apply the learning into everyday life.

Sundays: The first Sundays of every month is always our Family Sundays for which we have combined worship service with the adults in the sanctuary. On other Sundays, we gather at the chapel at 2:30pm for Word ministry (Sermon). The last Sundays of each month, youth has its own "Circle Worship & Fellowship Time" at the Chapel starting at 2pm. This year, the focus of Sunday English/Youth sermon will be "Getting Closer to Jesus".