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Announcements and Prayer Requests for this week

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Announcements and Prayer Requests

Members of True Light Ministry team can directly edit this page. If you do not have access to edit, please contact Eugene, Jian-hao, Jeff or Jenny.


  1. 歡迎弟兄姐妹和第一次參加主日崇拜的新朋友,新朋友填写信息卡让我们更认识你。We welcome all brothers and sisters and new friends. New friends, please fill out an information card so we may get to know you more
  2. 我们感谢郭弟兄所释放的信息,让我们领受神的真理和恩典。We thank Brother Guo for delivering the message to us so that we may receive the truth and grace from God.
  3. 長青團契需要一個聯絡負責人/同工。如果您願意加入服事,請與萬靜姐妹聯繫。We are looking for a coordinator for the evergreen fellowship.  If you would are willing serve at this capacity, please contact Wenn Jean.
  4. 为了支持真光教会的成长,我们的事奉团队决定聘请一位全职中文事工牧师。我们必须在神面前谦卑,大家同心祷告和支持。我们要透过这项事工一起成长, 一起经历神丰富的恩典和祝福。In order to support True Light ministry growth, our ministry team decided to search for a full-time pastor for Chinese ministry. We need to humble ourselves before God. We need your unity prayer and support to grow together in this process to witness God's abundant grace and blessing to our church.
  5. 请访问教会网站来了解教会事工. Please visit our church website for the latest improvements and for service events. 家事報告: 服事轮值表:


  1. 请继续为容伯伯代祷,求主稳定心跳,赐他更健康的身体。Please continue to pray for Brother Yung for God to stabilize his heart rhythm and grant better health overall.
  2. 請為教會聘牧委员会禱告。 Please pray for the pastoral search committee in seeking the God's guidance. 
  3. 请为其他身体软弱的弟兄姐妹禱告。求神医治他们, 也给他们力量。Please also pray for other brothers and sisters for health issues that God will grant them healing and strength.
  4. 请为教会祷告会祷告,也为愿意开放地点的家庭祷告. 愿神祝福. Please pray for the new church wide prayer meeting and pray for the families that are willing to host this prayer meeting.
  5. 請為真光弟兄姐妹們外出旅行祈禱。求神保守他們旅途平安。 Please for those True Light members traveling that God will grant them joy, health, and peace during the trip.