Viking Woman Warrior May have been Slavic

Viking Woman Warrior May have been Slavic

Another type of data regarding females Viking fighters means you to utilized in Denmark was on the section of present-day Poland

A tenth-100 years grave in Denmark is long said to support the skeleton out-of a warrior considered a beneficial Viking lady. But an alternative data of your own grave, located on the island regarding Langeland, signifies that this new warrior was not Viking, but instead Slavic, likely regarding the section of introduce-go out Poland.

Specialist Leszek Gardela try researching Viking warrior women as he emerged around the information about brand new Langeland burial. New grave, throughout the 1,one hundred thousand yrs old, has the skeleton of one’s warrior lady and additionally an enthusiastic axe and you will a keen Arab coin regarding tenth century, and that assisted go out the newest burial. It absolutely was the sole grave regarding cemetery located so you’re able to incorporate firearms, indicating their tenant are an effective warrior, although the skeleton cannot imply she died inside competition.

When Gardela, of your Agency from Scandinavian Dialects and you may Literatures during the College or university of Bonn, checked out the axe buried toward lady, yet not, he recognized it a clearly Slavic weapon. “Up to now, not one person enjoys paid down any awareness of the point that the axe throughout the grave arises from the room of southern area Baltic, maybe the current Poland,” he says for the a press release.

The style of grave is actually Slavic also, an effective chamber grave which have a supplementary coffin. All of those people activities have provided Gardela to conclude the burial’s occupant is probably regarding Slavic provider.

The concept isn’t that shocking. Slavic people and you can Viking tribes have been directly connected, assaulting both, intermixing and you will trade. “The current presence of Slavic warriors into the Denmark is actually more critical than just in the past thought; it photo is offered of new research” Gardela adds on the launch. 继续阅读“Viking Woman Warrior May have been Slavic”