New people working in dollification is actually called “Owner”and you will “doll”; this is just like a master/servant otherwise Dom/sandwich matchmaking

New people working in dollification is actually called “Owner”and you will “doll”; this is just like a master/servant otherwise Dom/sandwich matchmaking

”deFUNition”: A phrase used in this glossary to suggest your after the text is supposed having recreation, not to ever be studied certainly.

nappy spouse (find mature child): 1. One who dresses and you may/otherwise character takes on the newest element of a child otherwise infant. Sophisticated investment 2. Person who enjoys wearing and you may/otherwise curing on their own during the diapers, without necessarily indulging inside character enjoy.

punishment (see award, punishment): Any pastime where someone trains someone else to act otherwise function into the a selected method, will of the enforcing rigid codes off make or because of the inflicting abuse getting inability to do something in the recommended way.

dollification: the process of evolving, mentally and you can myself, on the a beneficial “traditions doll.” Individuals who focus this step-plus those who are in the course of the processes otherwise have previously hit an end result-could be described as “dolls,” and more than interest also becoming possessed.

Rational attributes regarding a doll is but are not limited in order to: enjoyment off objectification and you may absolute subservience, the root have a tendency to are transformed as a consequence of a person’s individual and you will/otherwise external pushes toward a living model, at some point, the capacity to feel/pick your self from inside the a good dollific fashion, that the model tend to constantly make an effort to achieve and/or boost.

While not all the who’ve such innate characteristics often incorporate her or him, it will not changes that it is element of just who they is naturally.

Principal or Dom: Individual that training control into the good D/s relationship

Physical faculties out-of a doll-in procedure or complete-include however they are not restricted so you’re able to: corsets, stiletto pumps, thigh levels/pantyhose, rubber/vinyl/vinyl provides, dresses, skirts, make-up, etc. in addition to any other human anatomy variations. Long hair in order to a shaved lead, A-glass to DD (and you may huge), people top, outfitted or otherwise not, nonetheless to feisty-the latest actual qualities are common prior to each person model and you may a unique match and you will relationship with dollification.

Sooner the right bodily aspect of the doll is set onward because of the model itself, an owner, otherwise a combination of one another.

Note: You will need to know that there isn’t any intention here so you can wear out otherwise diminish the fresh doll-such as for instance, as it can apparently specific, when comparing to the particular owner. People that are always Yards/s otherwise D/s dating are aware of the inherent equality of these dating, paradoxical though it may sound. –

This will be a symbiotic relationships: Yin and you will Yang

Domdrop: New Dominant/Top’s same in principle as “subdrop.” Inside the short term, it’s an emotional standing considering the new abrupt drop regarding adrenalin out of serious Sadomasochism play. It can manifest in various emotional solutions, as well as outrage or anxiety. It will be the reason aftercare is not only to possess subs/bottoms.

residential (constantly put on a slave otherwise submissive): That whoever preference should be to suffice mainly just like the a residential, as in cleanup, cooking, powering a family. There may or may possibly not be sexual or any other physical get in touch with involved in the relationships.

Can be used for often person Doms. (Discover Domina or Mistress over. In addition to look for Grasp, Domme. Compare with Ideal, which often is the individual that teaching handle from inside the an effective scene, and you will who might not feel a dominating “regular”, or might not be the brand new Dominating of the individual being managed from the world.

Dominate: To have fuel and you may influence over the other individual. From inside the D/s, essentially refers to having handle during the an electrical power exchange matchmaking. (Out-of Latin dominus: “Lord, Master.”)

doormat: Title as a result of “becoming wandered to your.” (1) A normal vanilla extract look at the thought of entry. (2) An excellent submissive who would like is handled just like the unimportant, objectified, in order to serve with little if any proving out-of passion otherwise approval. Such as for instance a good submissive can occasionally want to feel a servant or service-established. Like a great submissive can be perfectly suit and delighted inside role; but not, they sel- during the worry” which have psychological and/or worry about-visualize facts feabie login.